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Montessori Cooperative School


numberrods“As a parent of two children attending the Montessori Cooperative School, ages seven and five, and a teacher assistant both in the preschool and elementary grade classrooms, I can honestly say this school is, hands down, the best I have ever known. My children thrived in ways that I found profound.

I loved the freedom they had to choose from a variety of materials what subjects they wanted to focus on in a day. I loved that they were being given the opportunity to be self-motivated for their own fulfillment and the benefit of their self confidence.

I loved witnessing their inner joy in the completion of a task that assisted them in understanding concepts that they would use for the rest of their lives, not only in their educational journey, but for their life in general.

I witnessed the students excel beyond thier “grade level” and truly understand the fundamental concepts of the subject matter which taught them how to learn, as well as what they were learning. I loved watching how my son learned and how his teacher perceived exactly where he was. She was able to select the best materials that would best serve him at that time.

shellsThe teachers at Mountain Cooperative School are not just teachers, but educators at heart, with great passion for a child’s whole-being. I often felt like a student and learned how to be a better parent to my children. I feel privileged to have had this experience and know it will continue to benefit us throughout our lives.”